Your Perspective Controls Your Outcomes

We’ve already seen in the previous post how living from a mental place where you think, feel and perhaps even behave as if you’ve already achieved your goals can make manifestation work easier and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

And we’ve already seen how disaster can strike if you misunderstand that idea: it doesn’t mean, for example, going out and spending loads of money you haven’t got,  if what you’re trying to manifest is abundant wealth.

So let’s think of an example of what this really means…

There’s a story about the British rock group Queen and their lead singer Freddie Mercury. Sure, they were some of the biggest rock stars of our era. (Maybe they were the biggest. That’s open to debate.)

Video – Queen – Abundance Manifest

But even from the start, when Freddie Mercury was sleeping on the floor of his mates’ houses, because he had no money at all, he lived from a place of success.

His bandmates tell the story of how all he ever thought about was is success: the stadiums he would fill, the theatrics he’d use to engage with the audience, the costumes, the performances, rocking the world… And he lived it, breathed it, thought about it, and talked about it, never doubting for one moment that that vision would be his reality .

This is what is meant by acting as if your vision was already your reality.

You start by holding fast to the belief that manifest success in the form you want it can truly be yours, and setting the bar at a level that you can believe is achievable.

When you imagine your end result, and you start believing in it, moving with it, acting as if you already had it, and bringing into every aspect of your life, it has to happen. The Universe will deliver it.

People, places, information, and coincidences will all take you to the place you intend to go.

That’s the true meaning of the expression “thoughts become things”.

Video – Video – Thought Become Things

So by now you may understand the truth of this: live your life and hold your expectations of the future totally and completely based on everything around you at the moment (including the beliefs you hold right now), and your future won’t be any different to your past.

Just think about that for a moment, because it’s one of the most important statements you’ll ever read.

So: what are you going to do next? Take massive action, yes? NO.

Because giving up the day job might be a touch risky. We all know that.

So, there’s a compromise to be had: and that compromise means dealing with physical world to the extent that you have to, but at the same time preparing for a different reality in the future.

Almost like living in two worlds at the same time! In fact, it’s actually like living in the world you’re living in, and doing what you have to do in that world, but at the same time holding a perspective about a very different way of being in the future.

There is no reason whatsoever for you to test the extent of your faith and belief by abandoning everything around you in setting out on a journey to a different place without adequate preparation.

Manifesting is easier if you feel strong emotions
Intense emotion helps manifest your reality

The greatest success may come through incremental change. J K Rowling wrote her books while still living as a single mom.

In other words: don’t burn your bridges. Don’t abandon the day job. Don’t abandon your friendships, your relationships, or even your work….. At least, not until the time is right.

You see, you simply don’t need to make such dramatic changes if you are consistently faithful to your dream, and you’re taking small steps which move you in that general direction.

The Negative And The Positive In Manifesting

There’s a real subtlety to getting the language right when you’re trying to manifest a desired outcome.

Think about people who are trying to lose weight.

manifestation depends on emotion
Focus on the positive

Generally people in this situation buy diet programs, diet foods, special products to help them lose weight… Their whole focus is on the problem, rather than the solution.

Every time a person buys one of those products they’re reminding themselves that they have a weight problem.

So they are very invested in the problem. But what of the solution? Maybe they’ve envisage themselves weighing a certain amount. Maybe they’ve even gone so far as to cut out a picture of someone whose body they admire.

But they aren’t really living from the place of knowing that their (weight loss) outcome is a certainty.

They are living from the place of knowing that they have a problem.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that no matter how much visualization they may do, nothing is going to change, but I certainly think there’s a better way of looking for the desired outcome, the desired outcome being losing weight and looking shapely.

Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins recommends massive action when manifesting reality – but there are other ways!

Again, the principle is that of taking action. And it doesn’t have to be massive action. All it needs to be are continuous small steps in the direction you want to go.

So for someone “trying” to lose weight this might mean engaging in an exercise program, or choosing foods wisely, and carefully.

Sidebar: think how language can be important in situations like this. If you are trying to lose weight, doesn’t that imply that actually you’re not succeeding? I mean – to take this idea to its extremes – try picking up a pencil. Does that work? I mean, you either pick up a pencil, or you don’t. Maybe it’s the same with dieting – you either lose weight, or you don’t. So what do you think the universe would conclude if you constantly say “I’m trying to lose weight” compared to “I’m losing weight”?

But engaging in a deprivation mentality (“I can’t have this” “I can’t have that” – together with all the rest of the little sayings that reinforce a person’s awareness of the problem) is unhelpful .

And in any case, focusing on all the things that might help you lose weight might not even be necessary.

So for example, if you already lost the excess weight you’re carrying, and you are your ideal shape and size, wouldn’t you occasionally give yourself a generous treat ?

So what would happen, do you think, if you were to give yourself a generous treat even while you’re losing weight?

By finding the behaviours that actually represent a new reality, you can move towards a goal much faster than if you reinforce the behaviours that represent your current reality.

And like I said of course you have to engage with the world as it is now: of course you have to do exercise, of course you have to choose the food you eat more carefully. But the real question is this: where is your focus?

Video : Abundance Visualization

Manifesting Abundance

If you’re thinking about how little money you’ve got, or if you’re hoarding it, or you’re not spending it freely, or you’re looking at reports of the world financial situation and drawing some conclusions about your own financial situation from them, perhaps the question you really need to ask yourself is this: Am I focused on lack or I focused on abundance?

If you’re hesitating to make small purchases – things that would make your life better – are you focused on lack or are you focused on abundance?

What message does your behavior and your attitude, send to the universe about your intention to have wealth in your life?

And of course you might be foolish to spend money you don’t have just to demonstrate your faith in abundance coming to you.

There are plenty of other ways of doing that.

Mike Dooley puts it this way: conditioning your behavior on the basis of your dream, and not on the illusions of the world around you now,  represents pure power.

The same is true of your relationship and your job and every other area of life where you want to bring about change.

There are plenty of ways in which you can demonstrate your commitment to a certain outcome, and even more ways in which you can project a mental attitude based on your outcome rather than your current situation.

Maintaining certainty about who and what you are is a pretty good start.

Just as Freddie Mercury was certain about his future as a massive, world-class rockstar, even when he was sleeping on people’s floors because he had no money, and just as millions of other people have demonstrated their certainty about the future, so you can demonstrate certainty about your future by believing in your vision.

Remember, as Napoleon Hill said: what the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill

 “But I don’t know what to do to manifest my dream!”

Oh, how often have I heard that… It’s a sentence people use to stay stuck. (A life sentence, in fact!)

Maybe they’re frightened of change. Maybe they’re more comfortable playing small than being magnificent.

Consider this: if you had a job you hated, would you stay in it for ever because you didn’t know what steps to take to manifest a better future?

The truth is, some people would.

Would you? Or would you find something to do, anything, that moves you in the direction of your goal?

When I visited Greece this year – 2015 – the country was at the height of an economic crisis – a financial disaster much, much worse than anything the so-called experts has ever imagined possible in a western economy.

Bailout after bailout for the nation was being provided by the European Community, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Unemployment – so it was said – was somewhere between 20 and 40%. People living in poverty. Desperate, depending on charity to survive.

Yet where I went for my vacation, there were signs in the shop windows saying “help wanted”. How do you reconcile those two facts?

Is it possible that some of the people who are unemployed in Greece could change their situation if they took small steps in the direction of those areas where there appears to be full employment?

Of course it is. Will they do it? Only a very few will do it.

And the ones who don’t will offer all kinds of reasons and justifications for staying stuck in desperation and poverty and deprivation.

And sure, some of those justifications are true. But many are not.

The point I’m making is this: how YOU (yes, YOU) see the world, and the actions YOU take are directly controlling, right here, right now, EVERYTHING you have and everything that you are.

By changing your perceptions, by taking action steps that lead you in a different direction, things can change faster than you can imagine.

For an unemployed young man in Athens, who believes that he has no chance of any kind of job (and by the way that isn’t necessarily true, there are always jobs around), all that’s needed to dramatically change his situation is the money for his passage to a place where there is plenty of work.

So if he wanted the manifestation of a job, his small steps might be to do a bit of research on the Internet about where to go, then to buy a ticket, then to pack his bag, and then to say farewell to his old life and actually go.

What stops this happening among people who remain stuck?

Fear, old patterns, old thinking, and lack of imagination. That might be some people’s Karma, but not yours.

Manifest Success: Coming From Your Head or Your Heart?

Before we move on, it’s worth just thinking for a moment about the balance of head and heart in manifestation.

When you’re working to achieve something new, you need the right balance of head and heart. You need to know that what you’re doing is right on every level.

It’s got to make intellectual sense as well as spiritual sense.

I’m just reminded at this point of the story of Jim Carrey, who, broke and living hand to mouth with no acting jobs in sight, took his car into the Hollywood Hills to reflect on his situation and came up with the bright idea of writing himself a check for $10 million, post dated 10 years. (If you don’t know this story, read it here.)

Certainty like that – and you have to assume Jim was certain about it, because it manifested for him – is what we all need to change our lives for the better.