The Mechanism Of Manifestation

Law of Attraction Principles

One of the things that people often worry about when they’re trying to achieve some desired outcome, to manifest something using the Law of Attraction, is exactly how it can make its appearance in their life.

Co-creation produces manifestation
How does co-creation actually work?

Yet if you read about manifestation, you’ll find that most experts on the subject – by which I mean most men and women who are actually using the process of manifestation to get what they want – will tell you that the one thing you shouldn’t worry about is how your desired outcome is going to appear in your life, or manifesting physical reality.

When we humans take it upon ourselves to decide the way in which something can happen, we usurp the universe’s power; we try to become a controlling agent rather than a receiving agent.

And I guess that’s only natural, because the way we live on this planet teaches us that cause-and-effect are physically linked.

For example, I get in the car and I start the engine, then I do certain things with the pedals and controls, and then the car starts to move. I decide I want to go to a particular destination in the car, and I calculate the best route, or program the navigation system, and I drive – and, lo and behold I reach my destination!

Cause-and-effect, surely? And I’m in control of how it happens, surely?

Law Of Attraction & Manifestation
To what extent do you create your reality?

Take another example: you might have noticed how you sometimes manipulate people to get what you want, particularly within your intimate relationships (although of course, you could just try asking them directly, rather than manipulating them!) Another example of cause-and-effect, don’t you think?

And again: when I decide I want to go on vacation to a particular place, I research the information necessary to find somewhere to desirable to stay, I calculate the logistics of the trip, I make the booking, and when the time comes to actually go on holiday, I plan each step of the journey so that I get to where I want and I come home again safely.

Manifest reality with cause and effect
Manifest reality with cause and effect

What could be a more obvious sequence of cause-and-effect than this?

So you see how we are accustomed to linking cause-and-effect?

And understanding ourselves to be the creative principle behind any sequence of events?

It’s no wonder, then, that when most of us try manifesting something, we feel an urge to control that process in a similar way. Of course, it’s counter-intuitive to let go of control, to accept that perhaps the Universe knows how to give us what we want, and that in fact the Universe can do it without our help!

Manifestation & Control

Consider this, though. You can’t possibly know the millions of permutations and interactions and coincidences and synchronicities that might be required to bring about your desired outcome.

In fact, all you can do is set the outcome, maintain belief in the likelihood of you achieving it, fuel the process of manifestation with desire, or some other intense emotion, and make some general moves in the overall direction of your outcome that indicate your willingness to receive.

And since you can’t know those millions of permutations and interactions and coincidences and synchronicities, it seems pretty clear to me that you’re going to have to leave the “how” part of the process of manifestation to a force greater than yourself.

You can call that force God, or The Great Mystery, or The Universal Mind, or The Cosmic Consciousness, or you can call it something else, but I suspect if you’re reading this you have a strong belief in a higher power, which by definition is capable of altering physical reality in accordance with your wishes.

I think we need, as humans, to accept that it’s our divine right – indeed, our divine inheritance – to be able to manifest reality on the face of the planet. I also think a lot of us accept this is true, but puzzle over why it’s apparently such a difficult process.

To reiterate something that I have said many times before, the key factors, in my opinion, in manifesting anything successfully, are to first have great clarity of vision – in other words, to know what exactly what it is you want – and to follow that up with firm belief in the ability of the universe to manifest this for you, and sufficient desire to emotionally fuel the process.

Does Manifesting Work For You?

Do you get the relationship between intention and outcome?

The problem is that your experience of manifestation might have led you to doubt the truth of what you read and hear about it.

And worse still, a lot of people simply say that if manifestation doesn’t work, then it’s not the Law of Attraction’s fault, it’s your fault, for not doing “it” correctly. And that can be very disheartening. (Even if it is sometimes true!)

And while some elements of this process are an act of faith, we can certainly look at the way in which manifestation might happen. By doing this, it may become easier to understand how the universe has the power to give us what we want even when we don’t know the mechanism of manifestation.

So Mike Dooley, in his book Manifesting Change, says that the great secret of the miraculous mechanics of manifestation “is that the entire process happens in exactly the reverse order shown to us by physical senses”.

What he means by this is that the process for conscious manifestation starts with the end result. And having the end in mind forces the means – in other words, the physical changes and events and experiences in happenstances which will bring about its manifestation in the physical world.

So if this is true, that means manifestation is exactly the reverse of cause-and-effect as we understand in our everyday lives.

Manifestation starts with the end result and works backward from there. So why would this be so? Well Mike’s theory is that the universe can calculate backwards from the final outcome. It can calculate every event, the entire sequence of events, in fact, necessary to bring about the outcome that you’ve settled on.

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