Manifesting & The Cursed Hows – Continued

An important question is this: are you attached to a particular outcome?

Much of the advice on manifestation and using the Law of attraction speaks of the need to detach, to let go of attachment to a particular end result.

Yet this may be very puzzling: how do you envisage an objective or outcome if you’re trying to let go of attachment to an outcome?

Well the essence of this statement be should not be attached to a particular outcome is more about the means by which you manifest it rather than your desire to have it.

We have already discussed how you can make  states of being like happiness or fulfillment as your outcome when your manifesting, rather than specific details – such as a particular job, or a relationship with a specific individual.

That in itself is a form of detachment from outcome. But there’s a difference between wanting an objective, knowing what that objective is, and setting it as your objective, and detaching from it.

Video: Manifesting Happiness

This is about understanding that your end results should ideally be general qualities like happiness or, or abundance, or up positive livelihood, or great health. As I’ve already explained, when you set qualities like this as your objective, you give the universe much more scope to manifest them.

And of course you can (maybe must) attach to outcomes like this – if you didn’t hold them close to you, if you didn’t hold them dear, if you didn’t invest energy and effort into visualizing these states of being, how could you ever expect them to manifest?

Letting go of attachment really refers to letting go of attachment to either the way in which your outcome is going to manifest, or to letting go of a very specific and detailed outcome.

If you really want a particular type of car, let’s say, or a particular job, then the general advice from people who are expert manifesters seems to be to picture that image, absorb it and then embody it in every detail, and then let go of your desire and attachment to that specific outcome.

Instead, let the universe bring to you whatever is best for all concerned.

Getting What You Want – Eckhart Tolle

One of the most useful things that I’ve learnt when trying to manifest – or even, to put it another way, to influence the form and outcome of the world around me – was to give the universe the opportunity to manifest what was not only best for me but best for everyone else involved.

This is quite a spiritual approach to manifestation, and it allows you to open up the possibility of getting something other than the specific objective that feeds your ego.

Most of us would recognize co-creating the world around us as a process of co-creation in cooperation with the cosmic consciousness or the universal energy or, indeed, God if that’s how you want to identify this universal force. And that is surely a spiritual process.

Which means that anything that ego driven is probably less likely to be manifested than anything that is driven by a higher purpose, or a spiritual motivation.

I think for me – and I don’t want to impose this viewpoint on anybody else – my experience tells me that when I’m trying to manifest something that is rather materialistic in nature, or perhaps ego driven (for which read “I want that job – I want that car – I want that woman in my life – I want that man in my life… because all those things will make me feel better or make people respect me or give me some standing in society….”), I have to put a lot more energy and effort into the process than I do when I’m trying to obtain something as a more spiritual basis.

For me the lesson here is that I’m more in tune with the universe’s wishes and desires, and perhaps even its way of operating, when I’m coming from a place that is motivated by something other than my own selfish interest.

Manifestation and “the matrix”

Mike Dooley has spoken of the matrix – which is his way of clarifying the concept of desiring a specific outcome versus desiring a state of being.

He also explains how these two different ways of forming your outcome can affect the likely consequences of your manifesting reality.

So for example, he says “if you’re visualizing your own happiness, everything else in your life will take care of itself as you physically move with and toward happiness. However, if you’re wishing for little Johnny’s happiness, there will be limits to what you can achieve because little Johnny will have his own agenda, wishes, desires, ambitions, thoughts, and beliefs. And should you even succeed,… Your own happiness may be completely unaffected.” The point being this: by visualizing someone else’s happiness, you can only help them if they are open to receiving help.

So if you have desires somebody else, the messages don’t attach your happiness to the manifestation of those desires!

Now suppose that you were to choose one of the following outcomes for your efforts to co-create – to manifest – reality: great livelihood, fantastic abundance, perfect health, or a wonderful relationship.

That gives the universe the opportunity to manifest those things in many different ways for you. Perhaps much more opportunity than if you were being specific about how you going to get those things.

Even so, I’m sure you can think of loads of details about how your life might change if you had those things. Those are the details that perhaps you need to visualize because they can get you very excited about the “big picture” changes.

Now what you need to do at this point is detach from those details. In other words, you don’t want to be dependent upon the specific ways of your happiness manifesting, or your relationship manifesting… And so on.

Mind also that there will always be consequences when you start to manifest successfully. In other words, no matter what change it is that you desire to achieve, things will change at the level of detail in your life.

That’s inevitable, because changes in detail flow from changes at the general big picture aspect of your life. And if you picture the changes in the detail, then you can really increase your motivation and excitement about obtaining the change that makes the details possible.

Another point made by Mike Dooley is this: that if you start by picturing a Ferrari, a boat, or condo in Hawaii, you may get those things, but you’re not necessarily encompassing all the details. For example if you weren’t clear that financial abundance, the means to afford all these things, was your true objective, then you might get those things, but you might get them with negative consequences such as load of debt…. or some other unexpected consequences which you would never have been able to foresee.

And it is really the big thing that matters.

Each time you get excited about details I’m sure you’ll realize that you could substitute many different details for the ones you came up with before, and still be excited about the detail.

In short, it’s not the detail it’s important, it’s the big picture that lies behind the detail, and the best way to deal with detail, therefore, is to use it as a means to being excited about what it is that you fundamentally want to obtaining your life.

In the next post will look at how you can get excited about conceptual change like having greater abundance or happiness in more detail.