Manifesting Change – 1

The Law of Attraction & YOU

Mike Dooley is a guy of great insight and wisdom.

And one of the most important things he’s ever suggested is that people who are trying to manifest reality should ensure they take care to be “led by joy”.

What he means by this is that we shouldn’t be led by the expectation or hope of what might happen in the future.

What the heck does this mean? This may seem paradoxical at first, because of course when we’re setting a goal or an intention or an objective, we’re always looking towards the future.

So let’s hear what Mike has to say about this insight, which he describes as one of “his major life lessons”.

He describes how he started playing junior tennis very competitively at the age of 13, and because of his success was encouraged to enter more and more competitions and play in a very serious way. His joy about playing tennis turned rapidly to hatred – yet he still continued to play tennis, thinking that if he played every day even more than he was currently doing, that eventually he’d start winning tournaments and be able to turn professional.

His rationalization was that there would come a point where he eventually would love playing tennis.

But of course doing more and more didn’t work – and, as he rightly says, it could never have worked.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re going against your own grain, as Mike puts it, which basically means doing something you don’t enjoy and which you’re never likely to enjoy, then no matter how much time you put in, no matter how much effort you devote to your pastime, you will never find joy in your endeavors.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of working at a job which has actually been damaging for you, knowing all the time that the very essence of that job somehow went against your basic beliefs and values about the world, yourself and life.

Manifestation is harder when your goals beceom more detailed.
Set out your detailed requirements for manifestation, by all means – but be aware the more specific these requirements become, the harder it is to manifest your desired outcome.

There is nothing more contrary to living by the Law Of Attraction than this.

Unfortunately it’s possible for people – and I speak from experience here! – to work at jobs which they hate for years and years, trapped by the belief that security (or some other false rationalization) can only be achieved by sticking at it.

But the truth, of course, is that sticking at a job you hate for some spurious reason like financial security can cause massive stress and discomfort.

Live The Life You Want to Live!

What kind of life is this? Well, what would it take for you to put yourself first? What would it take for you to have the insight that this is a life devoid of joy, let alone being led by joy?

How many times do you need to learn the lesson you are not being led by joy – and that the only way to a happy and ultimately successful life is to be led by joy – before you start living a joyful existence?

Joyful Life

Sure, I recognize that people are sometimes constrained by the reality of life: looking after children, the home, and the other commitments which we tend to pick up in our Western civilization can be challenging.

Or at least it can seem that way.

I’d argue that there’s always an option which will allow you to experience joy as you live differently, but that may require you to alter the beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world, and to reassess what is most important to you.

If you’re currently assessing where you are in life, and what your goals and objectives need to be for a happier, perhaps more successful future, then you may be looking at a number of choices which all appear to be equally unattractive.

Sure, you could look for the one that seems least unattractive, and then you could do that – as you know by now, one of the most important aspects of manifesting a different reality is that you actually do something!

The point being this: expedient compromise is sometimes necessary – it’s wrong to think that you have to take a completely hard-core view of the options open to you, because this can become self-defeating and perhaps even punishing.

Have detailed goals to manifest successfully
How massive do your goals have to be? Not massive. Incremental change is always good.

In fact, in my experience, in circumstances like this, it’s often best to adopt a process of incremental change: in a year you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come towards manifesting a different reality – one that you really want to live.

Mike also offers us a warning: when he liquidated his T-shirt business he almost immediately got an unexpected phone call from a friend who had a quarter of a million dollars capital, who wanted to start – wait for it – a new T-shirt business!

Of course Mike’s first reaction was “Wow, what a coincidence!” But he also says that just because something seems amazing or serendipitous does not mean that this something is “meant to be”.

And although he was very excited about the possibility of starting to manufacture T-shirts again, almost as though he had attracted or manifested a new opportunity based on his experience and knowledge, Mike says that he woke up one morning with a feeling of dread – he knew he didn’t want to get back into the T-shirt business, and he didn’t care how much money he could make if he did.

Such moments are indeed massive turning points for every individual who experiences them.

They can often lead to a radical reassessment of what’s important, what you want to do in life, and perhaps more importantly, how you are going to do it.

So with this insight, Mike turned his attention to writing emails for his website, aka “Thoughts From The Universe”, and writing books, and his subsequent success astounded him.

He went on from this to launch the TUT’s Adventurers Club, and become one of the foremost speakers on manifesting dreams and reality that we have in our world today.

Ironically, one of Mike’s options had been in the irrigation business. He tells the story of how, about two years after really took off,  he was invited round to a friend’s house in a gated community and saw an especially large and palatial property – which, when he asked, turned out to belong to the man nicknamed the “King of Florida irrigation”!

So what Mike draws from this is that abundance and fulfillment can actually lie down any path you choose.

Bearing in mind that we all have literally infinite probabilities open to us, depending exactly what interests us and what our skill set might be, perhaps the most important thing is to find the path that excites and thrills you the most – not the most logical one. Not the one that people expect you to do. Not the one that convention requires of you. No, the one that makes your heart sing with joy.

Only by following the path that makes your heart sing with joy can you ever expect to achieve the true purpose of your life…. but we need to move onto another page to look at that in more detail.