Manifesting Change – 3

Your Dreams Are Definitely Your Dreams Alone!

So is it possible that somebody else can keep you from manifesting your dreams?

It’s a question is often asked by people who are beginning to manifest reality, and it’s a very valid question.

Fortunately it’s easily answered!

Your dreams are your own dreams, nobody can touch them.

Whether they believe in manifestation or not, whether they believe in the Law Of Attraction or not, matters not a jot. You can allow them to have their beliefs, and remain true to your own beliefs, and you can ignore the idea that anyone can impact your ability to manifest your reality – it’s simply not true.

Well, at least it’s not true in a metaphysical sense.

But there is a way in which it can become true, and that’s if you allow other people to infect you with negative energy and disbelief and self-doubt.

One of the things that can happen when you start to manifest your reality successfully, and follow your own heart, is that the people around you begin to feel threatened in some way.

Indeed, this is probably the most common outcome of an individual finding their true path – they shake the framework that other people have constructed around themselves.

Video – Power of Gratitude

And of course if others are not on the same path of self-development as you they will naturally seek to inhibit your development by belittling what you are doing, by casting doubt or scorn upon your objectives, and generally by doing everything in their power to make you lose your belief in yourself.

This is the time at which hard decisions may have to be taken.

And of course you may choose just to keep your objectives to yourself for as long as you can. That way you won’t run into the negativity of others who don’t share your beliefs about what may be possible and what may not be possible in life.

Naturally enough, if you and a partner do share an interest in the metaphysical process of goal achievement using the Law of Attraction, and you want different things in life, then compromise may be necessary.

In fact, I have known people whose relationships have ended simply because of this – and that’s absolutely fine.

If you follow your heart, that is to say, if you truly follow your heart, then you are acting with integrity towards yourself – which is probably true selfishness at work.

However I do caution you that if you have responsibilities to children, then you might care to consider how those responsibilities fit in to your scheme of values.

Looking after children may mean that you have to give up your own desires and objectives for a while. That was the choice you made when you decided to have children, and to abandon them now, by being completely selfish about what you want, may not be for the highest good of all concerned.

What Do We Mean By Life Purpose?

That’s a very interesting question. There are many different ways of looking at the answer.

Some people think that we are put on this planet with a sacred contract with the universe, and that we must manifest that contract in some way to be totally fulfilled.

That our purpose is, in fact, predestined before we are even born.

Others think that our purpose is to reclaim ourselves, after the wounds inflicted on us – inevitably, and sometimes maliciously – in childhood.

Certainly the process of reclaiming who we truly are, and finding our true nature, can take a lifetime.

Others think that fulfilling our life purpose is a simple as finding something that we can do in life that makes our heart sing with joy.

It’s up to you to decide in a way, because I don’t have the answers, and I’m not sure anybody else does either, even when they put forward their views with great conviction and determination!

Perhaps the simplest way of looking at this,  until you evolve a philosophical position which is satisfactory for you, is to say that your life purpose may well be the thing that is most fulfilling for you at any one particular time.

That’s not to say that it won’t change over time – in fact, it would be surprising if it did not change.

But if you can find something to do in life which makes you totally fulfilled, makes your heart sing with joy, then you probably are well on the way to discovering your life’s purpose at this stage of your life. (Yes, it certainly changes as you grow older.)

If you think of a teenager, what’s their life purpose? I would say it’s to learn about the world and life, and to discover where they fit into our society, and what contribution they might be able to make to the wider world beyond themselves.

In times past, these things would almost be given: there would be an initiation ritual into manhood, which taught an adolescent what was expected of him in terms of his contribution to society, and a boy would probably be apprenticed to the trade that his father had worked in all his life.

These days our social and personal development is not predicated upon formal initiation rituals, which both gives us opportunities for exploration of our personality that we would not once have had, but at the same time leaves many of us rudderless, not knowing what to do or where to find fulfillment and satisfaction.

If you think of an elder, then you can think of life purpose as being something about guiding younger people and acting as a stabilizing influence in society.

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The wisdom of elders has been respected through the generations by many different societies, regarding the elders as the custodians of the social knowledge of the group.

Again, lacking developmental processes, we in the West may well feel empty or unfulfilled. And while manifesting our ideal employment or occupation is a perfect way of dealing with feelings of alienation and emptiness, there’s a simpler way…. and it is:

Regard your life purpose as simply the quest to discover who you truly are.

In other words, regardless of what you’re doing as an occupational pastime or profession, regard the purpose of your life as being to grow, to learn, and to develop as an individual.

There may well be no predetermined niche that needs to be found by some predetermined path.

You may be free to make the choices to do whatever you want – even if you want to save the world, the best way to do that is to follow your own heart and a particular individual way of expressing that objective which is right for you.

After all, there are many ways to save the world, and they begin with working at an individual level.

And When None Of This Manifestation Advice Fits?

So you’re really stuck? You’re really stuck at the point of selecting a goal or objective, let alone manifesting it in your life?

In which case try something different. Try a leap into the unknown – provided, of course, that doing so would not jeopardize your current responsibilities.

And what would a leap into the unknown look like?

That really depends on you. You might want to move to a new city, or even a new country. You might want to go back to school or university, or you might want to change your career.

You will realize of course, that if you do this, you are for the universe infinitely greater opportunities to show you new possibilities options for the future of your life.

Honor Yourself

And at the same time it’s absolutely vital that you honor what you like and love. It’s impossible for other people to really understand what stirs your heart, or what gifts you have to offer, or what you’ve known to be true about yourself and never acted on (yet).

You have no greater responsibility in life than to be true to yourself. Being true to yourself means respecting what it is that makes you the individual you are.

If you’re still not sure what it is that you want to do, or what objectives you want to set, then one way that you might tease out the things that are important to you is as follows. Doing this can offer insights into what you would like to achieve in life.

First, write down the three things you love most about life. Examples might be family, music, walking by the ocean, self-development work… And so on.

Next write down the three things you most love about being yourself.

And finally write down three most important life lessons that you would like to master in this lifetime. Examples might be creating a great relationship, creating wealth and abundance, or finding a satisfying job or career.

One way of looking at life purpose is to say that these are the things that you could actually spend your time developing, spend your time mastering, spend your time becoming expert at.

And if that were true, then perhaps these things together conform a life purpose – becoming excellent at the things that are important to you.

And remember that doing something – in fact doing anything – is always better than doing nothing.

The smaller steps, in fact the smallest, action steps you take when trying to manifest reality can make a massive difference to the opportunities that the universe has to present you with possibilities for change.

When you take action, the universal wheels begin turning to manifest your dreams as reality, to bring the synchronicity and coincidences necessary for you to meet the right people, be in the right places, and obtain the right information to achieve your outcomes.

So by following your heart, and honoring what you value, you can begin to manifest a life that is what you’ve always wanted to be.

No matter how faltering the first steps you take might be, this can certainly lead to an autonomous life of joyful satisfaction and fulfillment.