Manifesting Change – 2

Now make no mistake about it, the principles of manifesting anything by using the Law of Attraction are easy to say – and we’d probably all agree with them – but when it comes to actually putting them into practice in your life, it can be a very different story.

Using the Law of Attraction to get what you want requires certain “sacrifices” from you.

Or at least it requires commitment which might look like a sacrifice. You may have to give up those things which are of some value to you. You may have to change the way you do things so that you come out of your comfort zone.

But since a comfort zone is almost always a protection against the pain of lack, or want, or need, that’s no bad thing in itself. So find what excites you the most – as Mike Dooley puts it, find the thing that “resonates the most with the real you and then get busy”.

He’s quite right in suggesting that once you’ve found this and identified a way forward, and started to take action, the universe will respond in kind, perhaps in its own timescale, but sure enough the day will come, when you can wake up and ask yourself the wonderful question “Wow, how did I ever get to be doing this for a living?”

But There Are Still Challenges In Being Led by Joy

A lot of people who get excited when they come across metaphysical principles and ideas also seem to think that living in joy means they will never face any challenges.

But the truth is that nothing could be, well, further from the truth.

manifestation-pictureChallenges and obstacles are one of the things that give life meaning and allow you to grow and develop as an individual. Since we all carry a considerable number of emotional wounds from childhood (what a lot of people tend to refer to as “emotional baggage”), growth and development is very necessary for us to live a more fulfilled life.

Only by doing this can you overcome the wounds of the past and stop being drawn into situations which mirror your emotional history over and over again.

Now a lot of people aren’t open to the possibility of emotional growth and development, and for that reason many people are unwilling to take the steps necessary to effectively change their lives by using the Law of Attraction. In some ways this is a test of character!

And I’m not talking here about “moral fiber”! I’m talking about having the determination and the commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Strangely enough, I can already hear a lot of people groaning – they thought manifestation was meant to be easy, not hard work!

And of course there is temptation in the idea that we can create, or co-create along with the universe’s energy, anything that we wish to achieve in life.

But let me ask you a basic question. How much fun would it be if everything was just delivered to you on a plate? How long do you think it would take before you became bored?

Do you really think that a life without challenges could provide you with excitement?

Surely if your life lacked challenges and excitement, you’d become bored and unhappy, and perhaps you then begin to seek out challenges and excitement in some other way?

Do you get the relationship between manifestation intention and Law of Attraction outcome?

The essence of the message in this is simple. Let’s say you’ve chosen your path, and you’ve started down it, and very soon after this transition into a new way of life (i.e. doing the things you love) you see a challenge.

There’s a bear, or a tiger, or a lion standing right in front of you. What do you do? Turn around and retreat? Or do you battle on, finding a way to overcome obstacles and challenges?

Could it even be, do you think, that in a metaphysical sense the universe is testing you to see if you’re committed to the path that you’ve chosen?

Mike Dooley tells the story of how he discovered his great love for creative writing and speaking, and how he expected to talk to audiences about this passion of his.

Unfortunately what he also realized at the same time was that to get to speaking engagements, he might have to fly… And, regrettably, he was terrified of flying. Uh-ho.

And of course this was a point at which he could have given up on his dreams, ambitions and goals, and retreated to a place of safety. But instead an inner voice spoke to him about how much he loved his work, and how much he could increase his cash flow by getting over his fear of flying.

Long story short, Mike now says that public speaking and travelling the world to do it are how he has the most fun in his life.

Video – The Law Of Attraction

As a summation of the operation of the Law of Attraction that could not be bettered. Life is not a bed of roses, even when you’ve chosen the right path for you.

What’s different is that you’re driven by an inner sense of commitment and excitement and joy.

In fact, you’re driven by the rightness of knowing that what you’re doing is the thing you’re called to do – the thing that’s most in keeping with your deepest beliefs and values.

The Question of Selfishness

A lot of people come across difficulty when they start putting themselves first in life.

We are, as you may well be aware, strongly socialized as we are brought up to think of others, to put others before ourselves.

Yet open yourself to the possibility that selfishness really is a virtue, and you might find your able to manifest your wishes and desires more easily.

Perhaps you’re mistaking thoughtlessness for selfishness, or vice versa. But the truth is that what we call selfishness is often just thoughtlessness.

You see, when you’re trying to manifest from a soul centred place, it’s more than likely that you’ll be manifesting for an intention that involves the highest good of all concerned.

mikedooleyAs Mike says, there is almost always a happy medium that will accommodate both your short and long-term desires to manifest reality, and doing this in a spirit of joy and gratitude will almost certainly allow you to put smiles on the faces of those around you.

To put it another way, Richard Bach said in his book Illusions “Anyone who has ever given anything meaningful to the world has been a divinely selfish soul.”

If you want to be sure of this, you can manifest reality by setting an objective and then asking the universe to ensure that the outcome is best for all concerned.

One phrase that I particularly like is “may whatever happened be for the highest good of all concerned”.