The Magic Of Belief

What Do You Need To Do To Manifest Things In Life?

I’ve heard it said that whatever you believe about the process of manifestation using our well-known Law Of Attraction will always become true for you.

Have detailed goals to manifest successfully
How detailed do your goals need to be? A very good question.

So if you believe you have to have a detailed goal, then maybe that’s the only way it will work for you!

That’s because that’s how you’re setting up your “operating system” for this process.

And so, equally, if you believe that you can simply set a general intention, and leave the universe to sort out the details, then maybe that is indeed how things will transpire for you.

But there is another way of looking at this: the more specific you make your objectives, particularly where other people are concerned, the more dependent you become on others being willing and available to cooperate in the achievement of your outcomes.

Does this make sense? Let’s think about it in more detail.

Let’s imagine that you are programming*  to meet a specific type of partner, with very specific characteristics, and let’s also imagine that someone exactly like that does, in fact, actually exist somewhere, perhaps not too far away from you, at this very moment.

Sidebar: *Just to make it clear, what I mean by “programming” is clearly and persistently visualizing a goal or desired outcome.

OK. So far so good, yes? But….. there’s a problem. Other people besides you have the ability to manifest things for themselves, too. And they might want something different from what you want.

So in a situation where you would like to meet person “A”, but person “A” has a different vision of who they want in their life – in other words, it’s not you they’re looking for! – who’s going to get what they want? You or them?

Manifestation is harder when your goals beceom more detailed.
Set out your detailed requirements for a partner, by all means, but be aware the more specific these requirements become, the harder it is to manifest your desired outcome.

The answer to this is – I don’t know. Who knows what outcome might ensue?

But certainly the point you need to “get” is that the more specific your objectives, the more dependent you become on other people cooperating with you.

And this means you will lessen the chance of the universe being able to manifest what you want, simply because it might be in conflict with what somebody else wants.

It follows that the more general your outcomes, the more likelihood there is of you manifesting them. But there’s more to it than this.

When your goals are less specific, less detailed, and perhaps less materialistic your goals, the universe has much more scope for arranging matters so that you get what you want.

Set out the details of what you want carefully - but not in too much specific detail.
Set out the details of what you want carefully (e.g. a kind and loving partner with the main characteristics you want) – but not in too much specific detail (e.g. 6 feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes, and so on….).

After all, if you set your outcome as simply “meeting a soulmate”, and then leave the universe to introduce you to this person, you open up many more possibilities than when you start from some very specific details about the person you think you’d like to be with.

And here’s another thought.

When all’s said and done, what you want in your life is, most likely, a collection of people and a lifestyle which are in alignment with your own deepest values.

So, for example, if you feel that being happy is your deepest value, then obtaining a large amount of money for its own sake may not be the best outcome for you. It’s not that money is incompatible with being happy. Far from it. But the question here, really, is whether or not money would make you happy.

In fact, in this situation I’d say it’s likely that your happiness would more easily come from somehow “doing good in the world”. If so, you might be much more successful in manifesting a certain outcome if you set an intention to get a large amount of money to help you express your own chosen way of doing good in the world.

The law of attraction is always working for you
The universe will look after you if you let it!

So you might think that this means it’s better to have a general, non-specific goal in mind. and let the universe fill in the details.

Sure, that’s one way of looking at this, but then some other issues and challenges might develop…

You see, when your objective or desired outcome becomes less specific, there’s more onus on you to follow the hints, guidance, suggestions and tips that the universe offers to you.

So, to take one simple example,  if you were programming to be happy – again, just to remind you, by “programming” I mean visualizing with clear intention – and you didn’t know how this was going to happen, would you be willing to follow the universe wherever it led you?

Maybe you would, maybe you wouldn’t, but I know for sure that many people would find a much bigger challenge in giving up what they know, and surrendering to the universe and allowing it to guide them, than they would in setting out to manifest an objective that fitted into their existing life without much disruption.

Hopefully by now you’re beginning to see my point. There’s a balance to be struck between the specific and the general.

Video: What Detail Do You Need To Manifest Your Goals?

 Manifesting With The General And The Specific

The balance between general and specific has to encompass your deepest beliefs and values, your practical beliefs about how manifestation works, and – to give you the greatest chance of success – it has to be in line with the desires and intentions of the people who you want in your life.

Of course most people who try the art of manifesting their reality tend to start with extremely specific outcomes in mind.

As we’ve seen, this might not be the best approach: your goals and wishes may come into conflict with the desires and wishes of other people, making it harder to achieve them.

In addition, you might not be setting outcomes that are going to improve the quality of your emotional life if you do get them.

When you specify particular outcomes, far from giving the universe the power to manifest what might be right for you, you make it harder for the universe to manifest what you want, and you open yourself to more disappointment.

Mike Dooley has described trying to create change by manifesting physical outcomes such as a specific house, specific people, specific job, and so on in this way: “You’re setting out to create change by beginning with the illusions because you mistakenly think that by physically rearranging the props on your stage, you’ll eventually achieve greater and greater objectives, and ultimately generate happiness. Yet any success achieved this way will only ever be fleeting.”