Manifestation & Visualization

Manifestation Needs Visualization

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I suppose when you think about it,  there’s real logic here, no matter how counter-intuitive this may seem: we know that a series of events in our world can lead to an outcome.

But of course so many different possible events can happen between the starting point and the outcome, that the outcome is inevitably somewhat random.

And that’s true even when you set a goal that’s clearly defined, and then consciously move towards it. Even here, there’s no guarantee that you will get exactly what you want.

By contrast, when you feed some desired outcome into the “Universal Computer”, it seems to calculate a program backwards – starting from your desired outcome and heading towards the position you’re in right now.

The law of attraction is always working for you
The universe has infinite power!

After all, the universe is infinite, and so we might well assume that its power is infinite, which would of course allow it to calculate every single move, event, experience, coincidence and synchronicity that might be needed to move you from where you are now to where you want to be: in other words, to manifest your reality.

manifestation depends on emotion
The emotions associated with successful manifestation may be what makes the process work!

So in other words, rather than seeing things on a timeline from your current reality (now) to some desired outcome (future), imagine this: when you set forth an outcome, and “program” it into your subconscious mind by visualizing it, and accept it as your current reality, the universe instantly responds by calculating the exact sequence of events that can bring this very outcome into your world as a physical reality.

And it does this by working backwards from your new vision, bringing together all the events, all the circumstances, and all the people who need to be in a particular place at a particular time to move you from where you are now to where you want to be.

So what YOU have to do when manifesting your new (and better) reality is to imagine that the reality you’re trying to create is already present in your life. In fact you know, with complete certainty, that it is, and that you will settle for nothing less.

And when you know what your reality is to be, the universe responds immediately, setting up a series of events, or perhaps potential events, which can manifest whatever you want ….. provided you turn up to play your part.

And your part? Well, that’s simply to be in the right place at the right time… and you can do that by moving in the general direction of your outcome. Because, by definition, wherever you are will be the right place, and the universe can move you from that place to another, and another, and another, until you finally reach your desired outcome.

In other words, from the moment you visualize a particular outcome it must happen, and the universe is obliged to create it for you – provided that all the preconditions which you have to fulfil are met.

Now, I know when not talking simple issues here, but then these metaphysical principles, and they’re not really susceptible to analysis in the way that earthly events are. Once again, frustrating though it may be to those who wish to understand the sequence of events between here and now, cause-and-effect, desired intention and final outcome, you simply have to have faith.

You simply have to believe in manifestation is a natural aspect of the universe’s divine intelligence.

To Detail or Not to Detail?

Well, if you’ve studied manifestation for any time, I’m sure you’ll know how opinions differ on the subject of setting a goal.

Specifically, do you need to conjure up every single detail of your desired outcome in your imagination, or is it just enough to picture a general intention? Uh-ho…. Some challenges lie ahead, I guess.

Should you not only specify the make of car as you set your goal but also the age, the price, the colour of the upholstery, and the colour of the exterior – not to mention the engine size and power?

Or is it just enough to conjure up a general image of a car in which you feel very comfortable and experience great joy and happiness while you’re driving along?

And what about that money goal? Can you justifiably ask for $1 million in your bank account in 12 months’ time, or should you be programming yourself to be operating some worthwhile cause that will benefit humanity and make you rich at the same time?

And as for that beachhouse! Well, are you going to focus on a three up, three down, blue painted, wooden shuttered house built on stilts in that specific location you spotted last summer, right down by the beach with an easy walk to bathe every morning, or is it better for you to set a broad intention to own a beach house, no matter where, no matter when?

And when it comes to your relationship-to-be…. Yes, you must program for exactly the woman you want, the age, the shape, the size, the hair colour, the intelligence, the interests, with a desire for a family, just like you… No! That’s wrong, just program for your soulmate, be grateful for whoever comes along.

You see the point! There are many different ways of thinking about this. Some people say “think of the details”. Others say, “no, just be general and allow the universe to bring you what’s right for you”.

These uncertainties can cause doubts and confusions as you set out on the road to manifesting your objectives.

And those doubts and confusions may well cause you to fail when you’re trying to manifest something. What you need is absolute clarity and determination and focus and single-mindedness.

Guilt, negativity or worries about what society might think, or what different experts have to say on the subject, will only confuse you and interfere with the process of manifestation.