Manifestation Of Success: Seize The Moment

You need to be certain what you want.

Why? Because, when the universe offers you what you want, you need to grab it. There may not be a second chance.

I speak from experience. In one important aspect of my life, I made a choice – at least that’s what it felt like at the time – to live with the status quo.

I wasn’t brave enough to grab the opportunity presented to me to get what I truly wanted when it was offered.

And by leaving my true path and following another one, Boy, have I ever suffered for that decision. The profound sense of loss is still painful.

What I think would have made the difference for me would have been something very simple: to consciously and clearly form an intention to live from that place of certainty.

In other words, to know, with certainty, not only what I wanted, but that it would come to me, and that when it came I would accept it.

And that could well have been the outcome of living from a place where my mental orientation was “acting as if” that was already my truth. (Or, if you prefer, acting “as in”.)

So: what are your standards? Where have you set the bar of your own life? What are your expectations?

Make no mistake about it, you will get what you ask for. Of course, if you expect more you might well get more. So in your attempt to manifest a different or better life, how high are you prepared to set your own bar?

As you know, belief is essential to manifestation.

Clearly if you set your bar too high you won’t believe in the possibility of what you’re trying to achieve, and that lack of belief will prevent it from happening.

The Nature Of Successful Belief Made Manifest

Try this visualization for abundance – a great way to confirm to your mind that your life is abundant, that you come from a place of abundance…. and that abundance is your right.

Everything you think, say, do, and believe reveals what you expect to get from life.

You know the things that you can tolerate, and the things that you can’t. You know the things that you expect to get, and the things you don’t.

Obviously other people have completely different expectations. Other people set the bar of their life differently to the way you set yours.

Follow the example of those you admire. And what that means is that if you change your beliefs and expectations to match theirs, you can manifest more than you ever thought possible.

Manifestation depends on your beliefs about yourself
What would you like to manifest? What do you believe you can manifest?

But obviously you have to know where your self-imposed limitations are now. At what point have you have set your limits? (Think of your aspirations around wealth to make this clear!)

Listen to what you say, pay attention to your thoughts, and in particular take note of the judgments you make about other people or about the circumstances in the world.

These are some of the best guides to the beliefs you have about where the bar of your life is set.

Think of this: If you fancy a trip around the world, do you believe immediately imagine that you could only do that by staying in cheap hostel type accommodation?

Fine. Then you’ve set the bar of your life at that level, and hostels are most likely what you’d get if you journeyed.

And if you’d really prefer to stay in five-star hotels, then you have a little bit of adjustment to do before you manifest your world tour.

The simple way of looking at this is that the beliefs you hold about yourself and what you can expect to get in life are, ultimately, just a form of thought.

And you can change your thoughts.

Manifesting reality with changed thoughts

First, give yourself permission to think differently.

Second, give yourself permission to manifest what you want.

And third, start acting as if your vision is already true.

That doesn’t mean, as we’ve already seen, behaving irrationally or stupidly!

It means coming from a mental space where you believe you are looking out on a life that already contains everything you desire.

Mike Dooley continues the story of his own journey (started in the previous post on this blog) – at least around cars – by relating how he lost interest in Fiat spiders and became obsessed with BMWs.

Then one morning, he wakes up in a friend’s house, only to discover that his friend is taking his two sons, aged four and seven, to the Ferrari dealership as a reward for good behavior.

Amusingly enough, Mike goes into a state of indignation at this point – “What gives him the right, he asks, to think so big?”

And of course Mike realizes quickly enough that what he’s really disgusted at is the fact that his own expectations are limited to BMWs rather than Ferraris!

He says “It was so impressive to me that somebody at my age at the time could have the nerve (and the courage) to focus upon and think about owning a Ferrari and then move in that direction! It was eye-opening, to say the least…. Nowadays I could do the Ferrari, yet I haven’t. I hear that all-too-familiar inner voice –’Mike you don’t need a Ferrari! Look at all that’s going on in your life – all the travel, investments, and adventure!’ And then another voice reminds me, ‘Mike, nobody needs a Ferrari. That’s not why you get a Ferrari.’ And then I counter that I don’t really care that much about having one, and the debate continues. So I still have a tug-of-war going on somewhere. But, I’m an adventurer like you, and the learning and discovery process never ends.”

Of course Mike’s absolutely right when he says that what’s important about this is the learning process that you have available to you.

Events like this can show you that you have limitations on your expectations, where you’ve set the bars of your life too low, perhaps.

And as he also observes, once you find out where the limitations you put on yourself lie, you can change them.

By changing your point of view, and nudging yourself along in small steps, in what he describes as “token behavioural changes”, you will soon see your actions begin to mirror and reconfirm the view of a new future from what he so aptly describes as “the mansion of your wildest dreams”.