Foundations – 1: Creating Reality Is Normal

Manifestation is actually one of the most fundamental and normal human gifts.

Many people believe that there is something metaphysical or mysterious about manifestation, but the truth of the matter is quite different.

For some reason, the human mind, which is more powerful and more sophisticated than any computer yet developed, has the capacity to tap into universal energy and manifest whatever we want — provided certain conditions are met.

The interesting thing about this is that none of this knowledge is secret: it’s been available to the human race for a very long time, indeed there’s evidence that as far back as the ancient Egyptians manifestation was being documented in secret by priests and secret societies.

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After all, if you knew how to manifest what you wanted –  people, places, events, objects, circumstances  you really did have an advantage over the rest of the human race. It’s no wonder that those “in the know” kept this information to themselves for centuries.

Only around the turn of the 19th century did knowledge about manifestation become propagated more widely.

Neville Goddard

We have a number of men (interesting that it is mostly men) to thank for this information: Wallace D.Wattles, who wrote “The Science of Getting Rich”; Neville Goddard, who wrote and lectured extensively on how to manifest your desires; and of course Napoleon Hill, a named familiar to just about everybody who’s studied the Law of Attraction, aka “getting what you want”, and “the art of manifesting your deepest desires”.

What’s interesting about all of these authors is the fact that they The-Science-of-Getting-Rich-Book-by-Wallace-Wafocus on the Science Of Getting Rich, but manifestation is something that can go far beyond this.

Indeed, money consciousness is a rather limited view of how the universe operates, one that suggests that if you are focusing on wealth creation, you can get endless riches.

Most people who’ve studied this field would say that it is possible to have endless riches, but when your motivation is purely self-centered, if not selfish, then you are less likely to succeed.

Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill’s triumph 

What’s needed is a gift, a give back or give away, something of value, something that makes a difference to the world, which you offer in return for the money that the universe sends to you.

However, we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here.

The first place to start is undoubtedly with the fundamental Laws of Manifestation, Laws of Creation, Laws of Attraction – call them what you will – and an explanation of how the “ordinary person in the street” can make their deepest desires manifest in the world around them.

(Yet there is really no such thing as the ordinary person in the street. We are all manifestations of the divine, magnificent beings, as Marianne Williamson reminded us in her wonderful piece entitled “a return to love”.)

So let’s start with some fundamental laws, which really means principles, i.e principles of how the universe works.

In case you’ve forgotten, you are indeed a conscious creator, a co-creator (with the universe) of anything that you want. If you doubt this, just look around yourself: would you accept that everything around you is the product of your creating your world in one way or another?

You see, it’s your thoughts, your desires, your wishes, your beliefs, and your actions that have created the world around you right now. Most of the things around you will have started their journey to physical form with an intention, or desire.

You might have wanted a particular variety of television set, or particular type of car. You might have gone out of your way to find particular brand of furniture, or a particular style of clothing.

If you’re employed, you will most certainly have entered into some process of creation when you originally strived to get your job.

In any case, the simple truth is this — whether you believe it or not, everything around you, your relationships, your finances, your status in life, your family or the lack of one, your financial security, or lack of it, yes — all of it, every single bit of it, is your creation.

You can probably see the point I’m getting at: nobody is responsible for your life other than you.

You have the power to change your life in whatever way you want — provided you know how to do it, which at the moment you may not.

I offer the truth that you’ve created your world as it currently stands as evidence of your power to manifest whatever you think about.

Now you may say “but that’s rubbish, because I think about being rich all the time, yet I’m still struggling financially”. But the truth is likely to be subtly different: you probably are thinking about your financial situation all the time, but you’re probably thinking about your lack of money as well as your hoped-for prosperity.

And indeed, on the occasions when you do manage to turn your  thoughts towards prosperity, it’s highly likely that any belief you have about being rich is immediately replaced by thoughts of poverty or lack of resources (it’s true, isn’t it?).

Also: the universe can’t function unless it is given a clear set of instructions. Imagine that your thoughts are a kind of operating system, which program the universe to respond in a certain way.

If you send the universe mixed messages, of, say, prosperity one moment, and lack the next, the universe will have no idea how to respond to your thoughts. So it’s worth making sure that your operating system, your programming, is functioning well. We’ll look at this again in a later post.

For the moment, my message is that you are creating your world, that you are responsible for everything that happens to you.