Creating What You Want Is Easy

Manifestation is an interesting process. When you consider it, it’s definitely amazing that we have the ability to create reality in the universe, to materialize people, places, things, circumstances, all using methods that we control.

You see, manifestation is the ultimate act of belief, of faith. And yet though there is no scientific proof of its reality, we know it works because we can demonstrate it with our very own experience.

But, in case you have no idea exactly what manifestation is, let’s begin with the ….

Definition of Manifestation

Manifestation is the creation of a physical reality which would certainly not have entered into being without your conscious intention to use The Law of Attraction.

Definition of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a way to produce reality by using our neocortex, our thinking brain, in a specific fashion, which result sin the formation of the reality around us.

What does this mean in practice?

What it suggests is that we have more power than we know. Perhaps this is just what Marianne Williamson implied when she wrote “our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

The principle that we could in fact mold reality by utilizing our imagination is amazing for us to comprehend.

Probably that explains why so many people are doubtful, but we can push the skeptics away. Their thoughts don’t matter to us, because we are manifesters, we are destined to create our future, and also to believe in the power of each of us to produce our future.

I assume that everyone is looking for info concerning manifestation, how we can develop our future, and how we can transform the world around us.

And among the obvious inquiries that arises when individuals discuss manifestation is whether there is an explanation for manifestation – it’s past our capability to understand, past our ability to clarify, and certainly beyond our ability to explain.

Yet folks continue to look for science to explain manifestation. A false hope! Scientific research does not look at manifestation. The assumption is – it does not exist. So proof of manifestation lies in many people’s subjective encounters. We must fall back, yet again, on the truth that manifestation is a matter of belief.

Now what does that mean in practice?

It implies that you can readily manifest anything you want…. but you must believe in your ability to do so. Manifestation is a reality. You must believe this; you must also believe that the thing you are manifesting can really show up for you  in your reality.

So you may need to decrease your views of what is possible and your  expectations when attempting to use the law of attraction to co-create your world.

A classic example is that of people attempting create fantastic wealth. (By the way, that’s fair enough, for there’s certainly no ethical concern around the accumulation of money by utilizing the Law of Attraction. The Universe is neutral in such matters.)

The thing is, however, there might be a practical concern around using the Law of Attraction to develop your wealth. As an example, do you truly believe that you can be a millionaire within a year, say?

You might believe that, yet I think would presume it’s more likely you absolutely don’t think it to be feasible. For most people, believing they could materialize a million bucks in a year is in fact beyond their ability.

There’s a great video clip on the web, which shows clearly exactly how individuals need to attempt manifest something that fits in with their belief system.

Video – manifest what you believe in

What I understand about this is that the amount folks attempt to show up commonly represents their goals, whereas the truth of what they could genuinely materialize probably represents their true self-worth.

So if you’re attempting to materialize a million dollars, you need to check this out against your reality (i.e. what is possible for you). So what you need to do is consider exactly how it feels when you think about this goal. The smallest degree of incongruity between your goal and your belief about achieving it means that your objective will never manifest.

In other words, manifestation requires you to set targets for manifestation that you truly believe are attainable. As long as you’re setting goals that you don’t believe are possible, you’re not going to have the power to propel them into reality.

Manifesting Money

One of the most creative experiments that I have viewed around the manifestation of money is Steve Pavlina’s million-dollar experiment, which started in November 2005.

This began as an effort to demonstrate how he could manifest cash much more quickly with unusual manifestation strategies. At the time of manifesting the million dollar experiment, Steve claimed the most evident strategies for manifestation may not be the ones which succeed. He cites an episode of Star Trek: The New Generation called “Peak Performance”.

In this episode Data plays a video game called Strategema versus a humanoid opponent named Kolrami. Everyone anticipates Data will achieve victory because he’s an android, but he actually loses. Nevertheless, later in the episode Data and also Kolrami play a rematch. Data wins by default. Data discloses just how he played this game in a different way. He realized Kolrami’s strategy was based on the presumption that Data would be playing to achieve victory, so Data broke Kolrami’s strategy by going for a draw. Data missed apparent possibilities to preserve the status quo, and those decisions threw his opponent off balance.

So you don’t have to choose the most obvious tactics for anything when you go through life! And that includes when you are manifesting reality. As Steve observes, quite correctly, a lot of the world is designed around the presumption that the majority of people will choose the most obvious route ahead in life.

There’s no harm in being different and breaking the mold!

Now part of manifestation actually concerns purpose as well as strategy: you need clear ideas of exactly what you’re going to do and you also need to follow those ideas with focus as well as commitment.

I assume Steve Pavlina is an individual with extraordinary concentration and commitment.  So one of the obstacles — at the very least I take it to be that — which Steve puts to us around materializing money is an exceptionally powerful question: what would you do if you could do anything? This may help you decide what you wish to manifest.

What Steve emphasized was that it would be “interesting to really have the experience of being financially affluent together with some of the time freedom I already enjoy”. And consequently he chose to try and attract $1 million – a really popular figure among people who play with the Law of Attraction.

He let himself be guided by instinct in preparing plans to raise the money, and began from scratch, as lots of people who are attempting to manifest greater income have also done.

You will remember that one of the conditions for effective manifestation is strong desire or another strong emotion which fuels the procedure of manifestation. If, as Steve says, he was “more interested than involved”, it occurs to me that perhaps he didn’t have the emotional power to succeed.

He began from a place where, to put it simply, he had no idea how this could happen, and he did it without a specific plan to produce a million dollars – asking  the universe to manifest the intention, without specifying the actual method by which the money might appear.

It’s an interesting experiment, and Steve did add one criterion which is a fascinating one – he specified that the money might manifest “for the greatest good of all”. I have heard that used in manifestation techniques.

I don’t know if that condition is helpful or not in using the law of attraction, but if you think it is vital for manifestation, then it probably will be!