Foundations – 2: You Are Creating Your World

The Ultimate Responsibility

Like it or not, you alone are responsible for creating your world, and you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

This is the point at which a lot of people start saying “Oh no I’m not” and begin blaming their parents, caregivers, teachers, or their abusers, or the circumstances of their lives, for the situations and events they are currently experiencing. This translates as “It’s not my fault!”

And of course, there is a certain amount of truth in this: in the past, other people may have done certain things to you, and engendered certain reactions in you, which have landed you in a certain place in life right now.

Your history is no excuse for failure
There’s no denying your family history has a massive impact on you – but you are in charge of your life now, whether you like it or not….

However, if you have ever seen anybody change anything by blaming their historical circumstances, please let me know! Our history serves only one purpose: it serves to educate us and enlighten us about other possibilities, ones which are different to our current reality, ones which we can enact for ourselves.

To the extent that you’re spending time and energy thinking about the injustices that have been meted out to you in the past, you’re wasting energy that could be used to change your present and your future into something more closely aligned to your deepest desires.

The Fundamental Question: How Does Manifestation Work?

In many ways the human mind is programmed to look for explanations of what happens in the world. That’s why people are so eager to understand what happens when things manifest in the world.

Yet over time, over centuries, we have been told many times that manifestation is an act of faith. Indeed, the Bible says something to the effect that if you ask for something with complete faith and certainty, everything you ask for will be given unto you.

However, most of us are brought up with an inquiring mind, and few of us trust the universe enough that we can take something as magnificent, incomprehensible, amazing and miraculous as manifestation as a natural phenomenon.

The way that modern writers usually talk about this whole area of human existence is by saying that matter and energy, at the level of subatomic particles, are interchangeable.

What they seem to be implying is that in some way, brain waves, or thought energy, can impact on the interchange between matter and energy in the world outside our minds, in the realm of creation, and influence pure energy to appear as matter – the outcome being what we wish to manifest in our lives.

To be honest, I think the debate and the discussion is irrelevant. Manifestation works: what more does one need to know? If we can’t explain it according to the laws of physics, then there’s probably no point trying to explain it at all.

For what it’s worth, I think that we are all part of the universal consciousness, the cosmic mind, the great mystery. If you want, you can even call this energy God.

Whether or not giving a name to this universal force helps you to accept the reality of manifestation is almost irrelevant.

But I think a lot of people find it easy to accept the idea that we are all some kind of manifestation of the divine, and this perhaps allows for some broader understanding of how we can affect the circumstances and events in the world around us simply by the power of thought.

For me, it is enough to know that we are all a manifestation of the energetic force, perhaps even the consciousness, behind the universe.

So take what you will from this: we might all be a part of the source energy, infinite intelligence, the cosmic consciousness, or God. Or we might not. It really doesn’t matter.

The Ancient Truth: As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

To put this another way, you are what you think about. To put it another way: what you put out will come back to you a thousand fold.

You see, it’s a truism which in some way we all understand, that we get what we think about.

Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins

Certainly, your energy flows where your attention goes. As Anthony Robins so astutely observes, if you focus on the negative, war, cruelty, catastrophe, death and disaster, then you will suffer.

When you raise your sights to something more optimistic and positive, when you focus on the good in the world, then not only do you stop suffering, but you begin to put out an energy that attracts good things, good events, and good people towards you.

Which basically means, for example, that if you criticize others, you can expect to be criticized in turn. If you praise others, you can expect to be praised. If you come from a place of trust, then others are likely to trust you, and you’re likely to have your trust fulfilled.

So energy is a key component of manifestation. And all that it does is to respond to your output! In effect, the outputs of your operating system (your brain, in case you forgot our metaphor).