Living Your New Truth

What will make manifestation easier?

It’s not such a hard thing to do anyway – it’s certainly easier than most people think. But if you could find a way of getting yourself into “maximum power” mode, it might be even easier….. to manifest you want.

manifestation-1 (16)As Mike Dooley points out in his book Manifesting Change, most of our actions in everyday life are guided by habit and routine.

When you think about that, I’m sure you can see how true it is.

And one of the things you’ve probably heard quite frequently about manifestation is the need to take action of some kind to get what you want.

But if most of our actions are guided by habit and routine, this implies there needs to be a major investment of time and energy in changing our behavior as part of the manifestation process.

Well, perhaps you can short-circuit that process. As Mike Dooley says, “by establishing a new point of view that is in alignment with our end results, one that implies ‘we’ve arrived’ rather than implying ‘wouldn’t it be nice’, our day-to-day actions automatically begin to change, literally predisposing us to life’s magic – the so-called accidents and coincidences.”

What Mike’s suggesting here is that you live as if you’re already at your end result – within reason, to the degree that you can.

manifestation-1 (26)This is very different to visualizing your end result from afar, with the background knowledge that you haven’t got there yet.

Behaving as if you are already there rests on the assumption that you’ve already arrived at your destination.

Now a lot of people have taken this is a licence to go a bit mad – for example to spend money that they haven’t got wildly, on the basis that they are visualizing an outcome of being wildly rich.

They think acting “as if” they are rich means spending lots of money. Even if they haven’t got it.

You can probably see that’s not a helpful way to behave.

Manifest Success By Being Success

Manifestation depends on positive thinking and certainty of outcome
The key to success is believing in your success.

This is actually about living your life from a particular outlook, from a mindset that says you are abundant and you live in abundance… Or a mindset that says that you are perfectly healthy… Or that you have a harmonious relationship. Or whatever.

So it’s about pretending, at least in some ways, that you’ve already moved into the mansion of your dreams, whatever they may be.

The point about doing this is that it shifts your perspective.

Mike gives the example of when he was at college, trying to imagine what it be like to live independently as an adult. His objective was to be hired by one of the large accountancy companies, and he discovered that the median salary at the time for such a position was $1500 a month.

But that, he says, didn’t mean much to him until he’d worked out how much money he’d be spending on rent, other payments, and how much he’d have left.

That worked out at something like $150 – $200 on rent, and $200-$250 a month on a car payment, plus all other expenses, leaving him with about $700 a month.

So now with this understanding or perspective he was beginning to get a feel for what his life was going to look like.

But, as he says, just having the understanding or the perspective isn’t enough. You have to take action as well.

And despite what some people say, this doesn’t have to be massive action.

You can take baby steps to your objective, small actions that take you in the right direction.

So, in Mike’s case, the first step he took was to phone his dad and ask him to be a co-signatory on his car loan. What he wanted was a red Fiat spider.

Sure enough, his father obliged, and they went to the Fiat dealership to look for this dream car…. Only to find Fiat were not importing into the United States, and the red Fiat spider model that Mike wanted had all sold out.

In his naivete – as he puts it, though I would say “in his power” – he posts a picture of a red Fiat spider to the back of his dormitory door at college and gazes at it every day as he leaves the room every morning.

Two months later, his father turns up at the graduation ceremony with – a red Fiat spider. To this day Mike doesn’t know how his dad got hold of one.

So far, so impressive.

It’s a great example of living from a place where you feel and believe that your outcome is so certain that your mind shifts into a different perspective: the perspective that you already have what you want. (It’s called “acting as if” or “acting as in“.)

But unfortunately Mike didn’t get the job he wanted.

Manifest your deepest desires.
Don’t settle for less than you want.
The universe might be testing you.

And he didn’t get any job. At least, not until his father’s accountant offered him a position at a starting salary of – oh dear dear – about $1000 a month.

Now I’ve come across similar situations. (Not personally, because what I realize looking back over my life is that I’ve always manifested the job I wanted.)

But for those people with whom I trained, there were plenty who were so desperate (or perhaps so lacking in imagination or self-esteem or self-worth or who knows what) that they would take anything, regardless of the pitiful salary on offer.

I know it takes self-belief and personal power to turn down a job offer when you’re in desperate straits – but isn’t that the perfect example of a situation where you can hold out for what you’ve been envisaging?

So Mike turned the company down and went to work writing resumes and sending them to everyone who might offer him work.

And at that point a friend told him that one of the big accountancy companies was unexpectedly hiring new staff, out of season, because they landed a big contract.

Just a coincidence? Well, we all know that coincidences are the way that the universe provides what we want.

And of course it won’t surprise you to learn that the salary was exactly the amount Mike had assumed he’d be earning from the day he decided that accountancy was what he wanted to do – $1500 a month.

You see, in this process he didn’t get to his destination directly: you can see there was an intermediate step.

Maybe the universe was “testing him”. Maybe. You can also see it as a change of direction, or as a learning experience for him that the universe kindly provided, or you can see it however you see it.

But the point is this: if Mike had given up at his first disappointment, he wouldn’t have got the job he wanted.

So he created his end result by envisaging it some time before, and then sticking to the picture of his future that he’d created – and, more importantly, basing his behavior on the assumption that really would be his future.

(In this case the relevant behavior was turning down the job offer he didn’t want.)

Now, each and everyone of us who tries manifestation with sufficient dedication to succeed will face this situation of this kind of situation sooner or later, I believe.

In fact, I think it is an absolute certainty that something like this will happen to you.

And I can tell you that’s when your resolution is most needed.

We’ll look more at this in the next post…..