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If you’ve been reading the previous posts, you’ll be wondering how it’s possible to get excited about conceptual changes such as increasing your level of happiness, or increasing your level of abundance, if you’re not focusing on the specific details of what you want to create in your life.

It’s a short and simple answer: you simply need to visualize the details, the consequences, that will result, or might result, from bringing about the success that you wish to achieve in terms of happiness or abundance.

In this respect, details are good. You can get clarity, you can increase your focus on what it is you want. You might even be able to touch, or taste, or feel, as well as see the outcome conceptually in your imagination.

Sidebar: Eckhart Tolle Video Visualization & Manifestation

Once you’ve got that, you can detach from those details. Any set of details that you can visualize which support the concept of change at a general level of happiness or fulfillment are good enough.

And since the principle behind co-creating reality is that “thoughts become things”, it doesn’t really matter how you create those thoughts – you can do it with a vision board, you can dip my visualization, you can do with a scrapbook… Whatever it is that gets you excited about the big picture.

And the big picture here is the life you want to lead: happy, fulfilled, wonderful life that will give you all you desire in terms of feelings and experience.

When you don’t attach to specific details, you can use details very effectively to backup the big picture changes that you want to make.

manifestation-1 (10)

Don’t attach to the details of what success means for you, but simply use those details as a means to envision success in your life.

Set out the details of what you want carefully - but not in too much specific detail.
If you’re visualizing a relationship, then set out the details of what you want carefully – but not in too much specific detail. And don’t attach to the details of who that person might be. It’s much more likely that you’ll get the relationship you need if you simply visualize yourself being in a fulfilling and happy relationship with the right person who can support and love you.

Visualization guidelines to make matters manifest

One question that people often ask me is – “How can I make visualization and manifestation simple?”

There’s a great question – particularly because so many sources of information on visualization and how you should go about it to make manifest what it is you want are quite contradictory in nature.

So I’m going to put down here are a few guidelines – and please note that they are guidelines. You may find your own way of doing things is more successful, or better, or leads to greater success

1 Don’t Overdo It!

What do you focus on when you manifest reality?
What do you focus on when you manifest reality?

A lot of people talk about the need to visualize regularly. And so you do. You definitely need to picture what it is you’re trying to achieve at least once a day. How often you need to do it is an open question – there certainly isn’t a direct relationship between the amount of time you spend visualizing and your likelihood of success. What there is, however, is a relationship between your ability to focus on your desired objective and the likelihood of achieving it.

To me what that means is that if you have a problem keeping your mind focused, if you have what’s known as a “monkey mind”, then you might need to visualize two or three times a day for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

If you are able to focus very clearly on your objective, then once a day for 10 minutes might be enough.

In addition, you might want to make sure that your thoughts are aligned with your desired outcome every time you find yourself thinking about it.

Focus up! Watch this video on manifestation (if you want!) – it’s amusing…

2 Imagine Every Detail!

Manifestation is harder when your goals beceom more detailed.
Manifestation needs vision as well as action

The more vivid your imagination, the more likely you are to be able to summon up the energy and emotion which will make your visualization into a successful manifestation.

What this means is that you might wish to try generating not only the image of what you’re bringing about, but also the sense of feeling it, smelling it, and even hearing it. You don’t need to get attached to those details – as we’ve already discussed – but you do need to find them exciting, feel them as though they are real (well, they are!) – and most of all believe in them. That’s what makes the law of attraction work. Read more about attracting stuff here.

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3 Feel It, Feel It, Feel It!

We’ve already discussed how emotion can make everything seem real in your imagination. That’s the best way to achieve manifestation.

Manifesting money is easy
Faith is needed to manifest anything

So when you’re visualizing your desired objectives, your desired outcomes, you need to feel the joy, the confidence the satisfaction, the happiness – and even if you have to shout hurrah and jump for joy, you should do it – because this extra charge will be the energy that allows you to overcome the doubts and uncertainties that inevitably will surface….

(You see how one of my belief systems just popped up? For it’s by no means certain that doubts are inevitable when you’re trying to make something manifest, however it would seem that I have a lingering belief that doubts and uncertainties are likely… And that clearly is a belief system I need to work on, LOL!)

Get what you want by being certain about what will serve you best in the long run.

Sidebar: more visualization tips.

4 Make Sure That You See Yourself in Your Visualizations

You see, if you’re not in the picture, it could be that you’re excluding yourself from the desired outcome. Mike Dooley’s suggestion is this: if you are, for example, visualizing a new car, then just before you close your eyes, look at the back of your hands – they are completely unique to you… So in your mind’s eye, you can visualize your hands wrapping around the steering wheel of whatever car you’re trying to manifest.

If you don’t put yourself in the picture, you might find there some sort of unexpected outcome – maybe the car manifests in your neighbor’s driveway, for example!

Anyway, remember also that you need to feel the happiness and joy associated with seeing yourself behind the wheel of your chosen car, or walking along the beach in some exotic part of the world. Without a personalized image, events can be unpredictable.

5 Start from the End Result

So again, just to reiterate: don’t mess with the “cursed hows”; in other words, don’t worry about the detail. Imagine the finished picture, where your dream has come true.

By focusing on the detail, you will only slow down the process of making manifest what it is you’re trying to achieve. And in addition, as Mike Dooley puts it, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders!

There are some additional suggestions for manifestation offered by Mike in his book Manifesting Change.

Don't overthink manifestation. It's actually quite simple.
Don’t overthink manifestation. It’s actually quite simple.

Focus on the emotion!

You deserve everything that you are trying to achieve… And perhaps the best way to achieve it, are a great relationship, a new car, new job, a better way of life, is to focus on the joy and happiness that you experience when you have the things that are spiritually correct for you.

Apparently Rhonda Byrne, author of The Secret, which started life as a film, simply gave her interviewees between one and four hours to talk in whatever way they wanted.

Her team then edited down the total from around hundred and something hours tape to 90 minutes of tape, offering a seamless and inspiring message… You’ll see Rhonda did not specify exactly how her outcome was to be achieved or manifested. Indeed, she could hardly have given her interviewees more opportunity to do and say whatever they wanted.

What was her desired outcome? Bringing joy to billions. Amazing.

Be disciplined

If you’re going to visualize a particular outcome, then you need to be disciplined – to spend time picturing that outcome in your mind at a specific time in a specific place every day.

Enjoy the process

A lot of people say you can’t be in the right frame of mind and physically active when you’re imagining something in your mind…. other people say the more physical you get, the more likely you are to succeed!

You see, the thing is this: the more physical you are, the more energy you can put into your visualization. This means that whatever you’re trying to manifest gets more energy behind it.