Miracles Of Manifestation

You can get whatever you want with The Law of Attraction.

Provided that …..

  • you passionately believe in what it is you’re trying to do
  • you truly expect what you want to manifest
  • you have a very clear objective which is important to you
  • you are prepared to take action of some kind
  • and you can energize your desires with emotional energy.
Get what you want - know that everythign that happens to you is part of a grand plan. But who's controlling the gran plan?
Get what you want – know that everything that happens to you is part of a grand plan. But who’s controlling the grand plan? You or someone else?

As you’ll see from this brief summary, it’s quite obvious that the starting point of any manifestation is the end result.

When you think about it, that’s pretty obvious – you can’t get to somewhere without knowing where it is you are going. Nor can you manifest some outcome without knowing exactly what the outcome is.

When you think about it there’s a mystery here: if you were trying to create something in the world by “normal methods”, once you come up with your objective, you’d start a plan to move in the direction of your outcome step-by-step.

Yet when you’re trying to manifest something, you can’t possibly know what the pathway, what the steps on the way to your outcome, actually are!

Sure, you can move in the general direction of your outcome by taking some action that seems helpful. But you can never know all of the intricate coincidences, synchronicities and “chance” happenings that the universe is going to create to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

In other words, where as you might see your life as currently determined on some kind of timeline taking you from point A to point B.

But when you start manifesting things using the Law of Attraction, you have to accept that the timeline isn’t going to be obvious to you.

And that’s a problem for a lot of people.

Don't overthink manifestation. It's actually quite simple.
Don’t overthink manifestation. It’s actually quite simple.

They want to know how things are going to happen. But what’s almost certain to be true for you, just as it is for everyone else who employs The Law of Attraction, is that you’re going to be startled, perhaps even surprised or astonished by the way in which things manifest just as you need them.

It’s important to remember that though it looks mysterious to you, there’s no mystery at all to the universe. The universe knows exactly how to produce what you want.

You’ll never see the intricacies of that process, but you should feel the shock and surprise when just what you need manifest at just the right time.

And that’s how it should be!

It’s not up to you to know how the universe works. It’s up to you to maintain faith in its capacity to provide what you want.

Indeed, you might even think of this as a simple principle of the universal laws that govern your existence: that you can’t actually significantly change your life by manipulating the material world. In other words, working harder, studying longer, sweating harder, doing more, doing less… None of those things will, in reality, change very much for you. (Although, admittedly, you can get yourself into some sticky situations if you want to. But why would you do that?)

Great change (the kind you want in your life) is only possible when you start manipulating how you think and feel.

The Matrix

Mike Dooley has referred to his concept of The Matrix as a part of the universe is mechanism of manifestation.

What he means by this is a way of setting out a hierarchy of thoughts and feelings and beliefs which lead you naturally from where you are now to where you want to get to.

You see, he’s experienced, just like all of us, the difficulty of following a precise mechanism for manifesting what he wants.

Do you visualize the tiny details? Or is it better to be more general, less specific, to give the universe more opportunity to manifest something? Do you set a goal that is way beyond where you are at the moment, or do you just set a goal that’s a little bit beyond what you have?

What do you focus on when you manifest reality?
What do you focus on when you manifest reality?

So in helping people to overcome these doubts and difficulties, Mike came up with the idea of focusing on feelings. On the left-hand side of his matrix, he puts happiness, understanding, gratitude, spirituality, confidence, creativity, acceptance, tolerance, compassion, patience, self-love and so on…

And then, towards the right-hand side, he puts the most specific objectives one could form: specific people, specific jobs, specific clients, specific partners, the exact type of car, the exact nature of your house, decisively those kind of friends that you want… and so on.

At the left-hand side of the table, the matrix, other things that are entirely dependent on you. Just like happiness is entirely dependent on you (oh yes it is! After all, is possible to be happy and even the most deprived circumstances – happiness is quite literally “an inside job”!)

As you move from the left to the right-hand side of the table, the demands become increasingly specific, and as they do so, you’re moving into desires for change depend upon other people, particularly events in the world, time and space.

And it’s important to realize that none of the physical stuff is bad or undesirable. Indeed, it’s actually our divine right. But where should you place your focus when you’re trying to manifest reality? Where should you place your focus to give yourself the greatest chance of success?

Clearly, if there’s a way of choosing your end results that makes manifestation more likely, then that’s the rational way to do it. But does that mean choosing values like happiness and fulfillment, or does it mean choosing the specifics like a particular type of car or house?

Perhaps good approach here is to start playing the matrix from the left-hand side. The theory is, that if you start from values like happiness and fulfillment, then anything that is necessary for its manifestation in your life will appear automatically – including the right car, the right house, and the right partner.

The essence of this idea is that if you start with a desired outcome of abundance, then the universe will fix the circumstances and events that need to manifest before you can have abundance.

Taking this principle to extremes, if you start with a desired outcome of something as broad as “happiness”, then you give the universe massive scope to provide happiness for you in many different ways.

Video – Manifesting Happiness

And of course if you happen to be attached to the idea  that happiness comes through having a big car, or a big house, or particular type of partner, or a particular job, you reduce the chances of the universe giving you what you want.

To take only one example, anything that involves other people, particularly when you make the idea of who that might be very specific, certainly reduces the chances of it happening. (After all, other people have their own thoughts and feelings which might be contradictory to yours.)

But to take a simple example, if you’re simply requesting happiness, then there could well be many times more different ways in which they could appear in your life.

And of course the obvious question here is this: “What if I only get happiness and nothing else? What if I remain lonely, sick, broke?”

One of course it’s a very valid question. So let me quote Mike Dooley’s answer: “You simply cannot be truly happy if you are broke, sick, or lonely. If you focus on deep, true happiness and follow-through with taking action using the suggestions given in those still to come, then everything else in your life will take care of itself so that this ethereally motion can be experienced – made manifest – in the jungles of time and space. If happiness is what you’re dwelling on, then the only way can truly happen is if the entirety of your life comes together in perfectly harmonious ways.”